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The 36th LAWASIA Conference 2023

15 Apr 2024

Azan was invited to speak in the panel “The Queer Family: Emerging Legal Issues” at the 36th LAWASIA Conference 2023, which was held in Bengaluru, India last year.

Azan explored with other panellists the impact of the current legal frameworks on the growth and formation of queer-inclusive families, and discussed how the law can facilitate inclusivity in addressing issues related to marriage, adoption, custody, and inheritance. They also examined the roles that different state organs, including the judiciary, legislature, and executive, as well as society at large, can play in bringing about changes that enable LGBTQIA+ individuals to access their right to a fulfilling family life.

As an experienced counsel in handling LGBTQIA+ matters, Azan has dedicated a high degree of effort and time to providing advice and support to the LGBTQIA+ community by advocating for their rights and striving to create a more inclusive and equitable society. To learn more about Azan, please visit his profile here.

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