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CPD seminar on "Disputes after demise: Estate Litigation"

20 Mar 2024

"Disputes after demise: Estate Litigation"

With the aging population and increasing wealth worldwide, coupled with the traditional Chinese view against estate planning, there has been a rise in estate disputes in Hong Kong. These disputes encompass not only wills but also personal representatives, administration, and claims made by and against estates.

Ronald commenced the seminar by providing an overview of the Probate and Administration Ordinance (Cap.10), Order 76 of the Rules of the High Court, and Practice Direction 20.2 (Part II) to briefly introduced the common issues encountered in probate actions. He also delved into the trial procedure of probate actions, common applications for distribution, and provided insights into matters concerning executors, administrators and Beddoe application. In order to further offer a more comprehensive perspective on the relevant disputes, Ronald supplemented his explanation with examples from cases such as Li Yat Cheung v Lee Yat Sun, the executor of the estate of Lee Ka Chuan, the deceased [2021] HKCFI 178, and Yung Siu Chee Margaret & Ors v Choy Ching Wa Fionne & Ors [2019] HKCFI 1767.

Thank you for the invitation from CRB, and we sincerely hope that the participants enjoyed the seminar and found it to be practical.

Ronald has extensive experience in handling issues regarding probate and estate administration over the years. To learn more about him, please visit here.

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