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Re Estates of Fung Ren Hu & Fung Kar Lai HCCA 1196/2022 & HCCA 7078/2021

13 Jan 2023

Ronald recently appeared on behalf of a named executor and beneficiary in a caveat dispute so that certain beneficiaries were seeking an order that the named executor be passed over as executor related to the relevant estate.  Further, there was a related estate left unadministered due to the death of the personal representative and related to the same estate.

The beneficiaries argued that there was intermeddling and failure to provide accounts by the named executor but it was argued on behalf, and accepted by the court, of the named executor that the application was not only premature in that the named executor had yet to grant and there was in fact no real complaint put forward by the beneficiaries.

After argument, the court refused to grant an order to pass over the named executor and because both estates were related, found it to be more convenient that the named executor be named as personal representatives for both estates and ordered that the grant de bonis non of the related estate be granted to the named executor too.

For further information about Ronald, please see his individual profile here.

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