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BC v. MSH [2023] HKFC 222; FCMC 13741/2019

3 Jan 2024

BC v MSH [2023] HKFC 222; FCMC 13741/2019

Shaphan recently appeared on behalf of the petitioner wife in a case relating to ancillary relief, specifically concerning the disclosure of crypto currencies, and whether the children maintenance should be backdated.

The court held that, according to J v V [2004] 1 FLR 1042, when virtual currency is involved in either party’s assets, that party should provide a fuller and franker exposure and explanation of the virtual assets, which are undoubtedly more complex than traditional paper money or stock trading They are generally considered new areas of asset or investment. The court also ordered that the children maintenance should be paid backdated to the commencement of the Interim Maintenance Order.

Full judgment is available here.

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