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On demand Webinar Series related to LGBTQ issues

19 Jun 2023

The series of webinars were released on every Monday in Pride Month, featuring Azan and Alfred (Partner at Hugill & Ip). The clips can be found on their resource hub page, and can be watched everywhere at any time you like.

FIrst Episode - The Roadmap to Equal Marriage in Hong Kong

To start off the series, speakers introduced the webinars by discussing the development and the current situation of same-sex marriage in Hong Kong, including the latest progress made in the courts and a long journey for achieveing equal marriage.

(Link is here)

Second Episode - To Divorce or Not to Divorce?

In this episode, they talked about getting divorce and the legal right as a same-sex couple. They also went through the three general major issues related to divorce: the separation of a relationship, the split of assets, and the issues related to the custody. 

(Link is here)

Third Episode - Protecting Your Family as a Same-sex Couple

Coming to the penultimate episode of the series, they examined family planning and marriage as a protection of couples' and their children's interests. They have also talked about the IVF and the matters about the rights of the non-gestational mothers, as well as the guardianship order and surrogacy arrangements.

(Link is here)

Stay tuned with us for the last upcoming episode.

To learn more about Azan, please visit here.

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