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Invitation to speak at RTHK about "sharenting"

8 Nov 2023

What is “sharenting”? – it is formed by combining “sharing” and “parenting”, which refers to parents who enjoy sharing the daily lives of their children on social media platforms in this digital era. However, do parents know the “dos and don’ts” of “sharenting” before publishing any post about their kids online?

Azan was invited to share his views and discussed the potential legal impacts of this common practice of over-sharing children’s everyday lives online. The discussion was joined by The Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data – who shared practical tips on “sharenting” and her perspective on the long-term consequences for children’s future education and careers.

The podcast is available here.

As a chairperson at Hong Kong Committee on Children’s Rights, Azan is dedicated to children’s protection and their rights. To learn more about him, please visit here.

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