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CPD seminar for SAMLAW

28 Aug 2023

Ronald has just delivered a captivating CPD seminar for The Small and Medium Law Firms Association of Hong Kong, with over 120 participants.

In this power-packed seminar, Ronald provided a brief overview of adverse possession and outlined the key aspects of the law in Hong Kong, including recent updates in the law. He also discussed how adverse possession claims are usually commenced and explained the overall procedure in such cases.

To enhance the practicality of the seminar, Ronald shared the relevant originating processes, including effective pleading of a claim and handling expert evidence - he emphasized the importance of identifying relevant evidence and presenting it effectively. He also highlighted some common pitfalls or mistakes to avoid when dealing with adverse possession claim.

We hope that the participants gained valuable insights and guidance in handling adverse possession cases through Ronald's comprehensive approach, which covered both legal principles and his hands-on experience.

To explore more about Ronald, please visit here.

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