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Winter / Spring Mini-pupillage Scheme co-organised with The University of Law

17 Oct 2022

Given that the positive feedback from our summer mini-pupils, we are joyful to carry on providing this practical learning opportunity for students at The University of Law. 


1 February and 30 April 2023 (Both inclusive)


The scheme will remain to be delivered on an "ad-hoc" and flexible basis during this 3-month period. You will not be expected to appear at Chambers everyday, which we believe that this arrangement can help you to manage your time well in balancing the study and work.  Yet there is no guarantee how often you will be called upon for work – this is determined by the Chambers’ workload.  Meanwhile, you are expected to use your best endeavour to be present when called upon for tasks and pupil masters will also try to inform you the dates of meetings or hearings in advance for your better arrangement.


Practical tasks include but not limited to drafting documents, conducting legal research, as well as shadowing barristers to attend clients' meetings and court hearings.


Feedback on your tasks and general performance, as well as reference letter (upon request) will be provided. If mini-pupils impress during the period and the Chambers wish to retain you after the completion of the scheme, while you would like to stay on, you may be contacted for the additional work.  

Information Session

In order to provide you a more comprehensive view of this scheme, an internal online session will be held in November. Please keep an eye on your ULaw students' email or our LinkedIn page for further details. 

How to Apply

If you are a current student at The University of Law and have interest in the scheme, please follow the application instruction which has already been sent to you from the school previously and submit the required documents to before 25 November 2022 (11:59pm HKT).

For any further enquiries, please feel free to contact Sukie Cheung via

Feedback from Previous Mini-pupils

"It is a well-designed scheme with a good length of time that offered me various opportunities to get involved with wide range of different real cases including real court hearing!"

"Thanks to the unique design of the scheme, I have been able to get involved in various stages of different cases with different Barristers than just a small fraction of a few cases in a week or so. I am grateful for the opportunities to draft and prepare for pleadings, submissions, affirmations, cross-examination in a wide range of cases...... The scheme also enabled me to observe how a barrister communicates with his/her clients, solicitors and judges, and advocates at the courts."

"It was good to get some experience into a client meeting and getting thoughts from our pupil master before and after his court trials."

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