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Seminar on “Family Law - Divorce & Child Custody (including the "Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Bill")”

4 Jul 2024

Aria and Christie were recently invited by Pro Bono HK and the Society for Community Organisation to deliver an informative seminar on family law.

With their experience in resolving legal issues in the area of family law, Aria and Christie provided valuable insights and practical guidance on navigating the complex landscape of divorce and child custody matters. Their seminar shed light on crucial legal considerations, ensuring participants were equipped with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, especially when dealing with interim maintenance support and ancillary relief. The seminar also emphasised the significance of the "Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Bill", in order to highlight the responsibility of professionals and the community at large to protect vulnerable children and take necessary action when abuse is suspected.

We extend our sincerest thanks to Pro Bono HK and the Society for Community Organisation for inviting our members to make contribution together to raising awareness about family law matters and protection of children.

To learn more about Aria and Christie, please visit here.

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