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Case Update - SG v. GDV [2023] HKFC 98; FCMC 10217/2020

10 Jul 2023

Shaphan acted for the petitioner wife who successfully opposed an application for leave to appeal against a refusal to relocate the parties' children out of Hong Kong.

The respondent had previously filed an application to permanently relocate the children to the US, with daily online access and round trip tickets paid by the respondent. The petitioner opposed the application, and it was dismissed in early 2023. (For the relocation judgement, please see here)

The respondent subsequently filed an application for leave to appeal against the above judgement. The application listed ten grounds of appeal, including the court's alleged failure to consider the social welfare checklist and social investigation reports, as well as the best interests of the children etc. However, the court found all ten grounds of the respondent's leave to appeal to lack merit and to have no reasonable prospect of success, and accordingly dismissed the application.

For the full judgement, please visit here.

To learn more about Shaphan, please visit his individual profile here.

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