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Case Update - SG v. GDV [2023] HKFC 15; FCMC 10217/2020

15 Feb 2023

SG v. GDV [2023] HKFC 15; FCMC 10217/2020

Shaphan represented the Mother at the trial, opposing permanent relocation of the children of the family.

The Father applied to permanently relocate the two children to the USA. The Court heard expert evidence on US immigration law and a government clinical psychologist.

HH Judge T. Kwan refused the application, rejecting the recommendations of the Social Welfare Officer and finding that the Father’s application was flawed as he could afford to remain in Hong Kong and was motivated by a desire to exclude the Mother from the children’s lives. There were also serious doubts as to whether the Mother could visit the USA (accepting the Mother’s expert’s evidence).

For the full judgement, please click here.

To explore more about Shaphan, please visit his individual profile here.

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