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Social Media And Defamation: 5 Lawsuit Lessons

23 Sept 2022

With the increasing ease of creating digital content, it is easy for just about anyone to garner enough followers to become a social media influencer. Inevitably, the content creator will also be an easier target for defamation on social media.

In the September issue of Hong Kong Lawyer (the official journal of The Law Society of Hong Kong), Isaac has shared some insights and lessons we can learn from a recent Singaporean supreme court decision allowing a specific discovery application concerning a social media defamation case offers a timely reminder to the potential pitfalls of litigation to victims.

As this article illustrates, it may not be as simple as commencing proceedings immediately. A victim of social media defamation should obtain sound legal advice and also reflect on his/her own circumstances before deciding whether commencing court proceedings is the best way forward.

Isaac has frequently appeared in court to handle defamation cases, several of which involved very high-profile public figures. For his full profile, please click here.

See below for the full article or visit here.  (The article is also available on Lexology)

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