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Delivered training for HKICAdj 4-day Adjudicators Accreditation Course

10 Jan 2024

Edward has once again been invited to deliver an online session in 4-day Adjudicators Accreditation Course organised by HKICAdj last year. The course is particularly designed for non-legal construction experts about the insights of contractual and statutory adjudication.

He covered topics including Contract, Evidence and Tort Law, as well as introducing the distinction between litigation and alternative dispute resolution e.g. negotiation, mediation, arbitration and adjudication.

Edward explained in detail about contract law, from the basic formation of a contract, terms, breach of contract, limiting liability, and remedies for a breach of contract. He also examined the concepts of negligence and professional negligence occurring in tort law; and the general principles of evidence law.

To learn more about Edward, please visit here.

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