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Azan was interviewed by South Korea's Arirang News’s “Within the Frame” programme

20 Mar 2023

In earlier March, Azan was invited to have an interview as part of "Within the Frame" programme with Ms. Kim Bo-kyoung, a news reporter from Arirang News and Ms. Cho Hee-kyung, a Professor of Law from Hongik University in South Korea.

During the interview, they have discussed the global issue - child abuse and child protection. In order to make it more understandable, Azan has clearly given audiences a definition of child abuse before the commencement of their discussion. With an increasing number of child abuse cases in South Korea, they have compared the figures in the U.S. and Australia. In terms of the possible solutions, they have also reviewed the proposals of Hong Kong Government to introduce mandatory reporting of child abuse by professionals.

Azan is an expert committed to child protection and rights. He has been instructed to handle this kind of cases frequently. He is also the current chair of the Hong Kong Committee on Children’s Rights. For his further details, please visit his individual profile here.

For the full interview, please visit here.

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