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Lau May Ming Minnie v. Zhao Wei HCA 1010/2019; [2022] HKCFI 322

4 Feb 2022

Isaac successfully acted on behalf of the plaintiff in obtaining damages and injunctive relief in a High Court water seepage case. 

There was no dispute that the plaintiff was entitled to damages for loss of amenity, distress and inconvenience caused by the water seepage.  In determining the appropriate sum, the Court considered the length of time of the seepage (approximately 8 years), that both bathrooms were affected and used daily, that there was infestation of small insects, the plaintiff and her son had to endure repair works done during emergency repairs and the defendant was uncooperative with regards to inspections done by the Joint Office. The Court ultimately awarded a sum of HK$100,000 under this head of damage, which is relatively high for water seepage cases.

For ease of reference the case can be found here.

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